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Oscar Lopez
Phone: 408.489.9430
Office: 408.228.3545
Cell: 408.489.9430
Fax: 408.490.2870
License #: 01338685
4145 Higuera Rd
San Jose,  CA 95148

Oscar Lopez

Oscar Lopez partners with Real Estate Bank Investors to turn non-performing assets into working capital by listing, preserving, marketing and selling bank owned properties through Golden Bay Properties.
Golden Bay Properties leverages years of experience and dedication in all areas of real estate, as well as general construction - an area that has become an integral part of presenting and selling REOs. Oscar's Real Estate Team has successfully closed 800 real estate transactions over the last 10 years, 20+ REO transactions in 2008 and 50+ short sale transactions in 2008. Moreover, REO Professors has over 15 licensed selling and listing agents outside of the REO group, and has a formidable list of vendors to support its business.
Golden Bay Properties' operation is supported with state of the art technology - streamlining process - resulting in multiple efficiencies that directly impact quality, control and productivity.